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Sunday Storylines: The Swing

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Let's face it: Saturday's 68-50 loss to Georgia Tech, in which 16 touchdowns, two field goals, 14 extra points and a two-point conversion were scored, wasn't won or lost in a single sequence. But there was a period of three minutes and 34 seconds in the third quarter on which the game hinged. After Vad Lee orchestrated a 70-yard touchdown drive, Georgia Tech kicked off with a 41-36 lead. To that point (9:52 in the third quarter), the teams had traded scores to open the half. Jamal Golden's kickoff return touchdown had been answered by Giovani Bernard's brilliant catch and run for a 78…

Sunday Storylines: Adversity Conquered

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It still feels good, doesn't it? All year long, Larry Fedora has preached about adversity, how at some point his team is going to face it, and they'd have to overcome it. Well, adversity came in the second and third quarters when a 25-7 lead turned into a 35-25 deficit. But Fedora had told his team that this game was going to come to the last possession, despite what happened to lead up to it. "We really believed that, and the kids bought into that. They bought into it and they believed that we were going to win the football game. That's the reason we won the football game, because t…