January 2012

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The January 2012 cover of Tar Heel Monthly features Harrison Barnes, a highlighting tribute to his contributions during his first season and a half with the Tar Heels.

Inside you’ll find enlightening stories like managing editor Turner Walston's telling of Carolina football being credited with the first forward pass, Shammond Williams' gratitude to Carolina basketball setting him on a potential new career path, rule changes to women's basketball, and don't forget that CNN daytime anchor is a Tar Heel, too.

And as always, our columnists bring their passion and experience with the Tar Heels to the magazine each month. This issue features perspective on a different sound from the Victory Bell from long-time, legendary broadcaster Woody Durham and the landscape of football coaches from Lee Pace. Also, get inside what’s happening now with Voice of the Tar Heels Jones Angell and more from former UNC athletes Jawad Williams and Mike Ingersoll.


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