February 2013

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When we were deciding how to best depict the women's soccer dynasty on our cover, it didn't seem right to go with an individual player shot; the program is about much more than just one person. Anson Dorrance has already been on our cover. So there was really just one simple way to show off Carolina's women's soccer prowess: trophies. Lots and lots of trophies.

That's what you'll find on the cover of our February 2013 issue. For our cover story, Turner Walston had an extensive sit-down interview with Dorrance. A story the head coach told about the College Cup semifinal meeting with Stanford was typical of the program:

The semifinal matchup with overall top-seeded Stanford was personal. Dorrance often goes head-to-head with the Cardinal for recruits, and has yet to win one of those battles. On the pitch, however, the Tar Heels have never lost to Stanford. Cardinal freshman Laura Liedle, a San Diego native, was featured in a newspaper article on the day of the game. She’d committed to Carolina before changing her mind.

The game, she’d said, would validate her decision. “We’re a rival, they’ve got to beat us to become national champions, they were the number one number one seed, we’re ranked 13th in the country, we have five losses, of course Stanford’s not going to lose to us,” Dorrance said. “Well, you know what? We’re the University of North Carolina. We genuflect to no one.”

In addition to Turner's cover story, another highlight of this issue is Woody Durham's column, in which he was able to talk to each Tar Heel head coach--in every sport--and find out their resolutions for 2013. Some of them just might surprise you. 


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