May 2012

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The May 2012 issue of Tar Heel Monthly focuses on leadership, and what better way to welcome Coach Fedora to campus than by showing how he will bring Carolina football back to greatness with his high-energy style.

Inside, UNC student-athletes tell you who they think is the best leader at Carolina as well as a special column by women's lacrosse coach Jenny Levy about how to foster leadership at the collegiate level. Amy Hoots illuminates the backstory on how the Carolina Leadership Academy came to be and why it will always be a one-of-a-kind experience for Tar Heels.

And as always, our columnists bring their passion and experience with the Tar Heels to the magazine each month. This issue features a special "thank-you" from long-time, legendary broadcaster Woody Durham and what Carolina needs to do under Coach Fedora to take the football program to the next level from Lee Pace. Also, get inside what’s happening now with a "what if" summation of the basketball season from Voice of the Tar Heels Jones Angell and an inside look at how leadership pushed Jawad Williams to national greatness and the adversity Mike Ingersoll saw football overcome.


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