October 2012

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Our October 2012 issue features a unique cover photo spotlighting Carolina's first 1,000-yard rusher, Don McCauley, along with the most recent UNC 1,000-yard rusher, Giovani Bernard. Turner Walston sat down with Bernard and McCauley for a roundtable discussion of the nuances of the running game and playing tailback at North Carolina. The Q&A includes this exchange:

Giovani Bernard: In the entire NCAA, you see changes every day. The changes are what make the game continue to have purity. It’s been able to keep changing but still have the family feel to it. Alumni are coming back. Last month was the first time I’d ever met Amos Lawrence, at the Letterman Dinner. You have a chance to meet the guys that did it before you.

Don McCauley: And you kind of size them up.

GB: Yeah, exactly. This was a guy they always talk about, so it was pretty cool to actually put a face to a name.

Other highlights of our October issue include a Q&A with Bubba Cunningham about his restructuring of the athletic department, a feature on the newest addition to the Kenan Stadium sidelines as a new Rameses debuts, and Jawad Williams's column on the sacrifices required to be a successful college athlete. Plus, Lee Pace profiles Tar Heel football strength coach Lou Hernandez, who has been affectionately--we think--nicknamed Lou 90-X around the Kenan Football Center.


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