September 2012

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Our September 2012 issue is our annual football preview, with expanded coverage and complete insight into Larry Fedora’s first Tar Heel team.

Lee Pace examines some recent examples of overcoming adversity, and explains the challenges facing the 2012 team—and exactly how Fedora and his staff plan to deal with them. Mike Ingersoll, a Carolina letterman, looks at the mechanics of changing from Butch Davis’s pro-style system to Fedora’s up-tempo attack. “As fans, please understand that the only proper way for these adjustments to be made successfully will be on game day—at game speed,” Ingersoll writes. “Practice will only get you so far. A Division I football game in a major BCS conference is a little different than practice. Trust me, I know.”

In addition to position-by-position breakdowns of every slot on the UNC depth chart, the centerpiece of the issue is Turner Walston’s feature on middle linebacker Kevin Reddick. The middle linebacker has already been through plenty of adversity, as Walston writes: 

“In the summer of 2010, a fire destroyed the apartment he shared with former teammate Michael McAdoo. “I was actually in the shower, and I heard a knocking noise,” he says. He’d ordered a pizza and thought the knocking was at his door. Shingles were falling off of the complex roof. “I looked out of the window and just saw flames going across the window, so I got out.” Reddick left his third-floor apartment with just his shorts, shoes, phone and keys. “No shirt, no nothing,” he says. 

Among Reddick’s possessions lost in the fire were his iPad, with pictures of his daughter. “That was the most important thing I lost,” Reddick says, “but you can get pictures back easily.” UNC compliance worked with Quest Ministries to set up a relief fund to replace some of his possessions. 

Reddick’s coping mechanism in rebuilding from the fire was to keep working. “I get paranoid about fire,” he says, “but that’s nothing. Now, I just keep grinding. I’ve got a big testimony that one day I’ll be able to give my daughter, or anyone. It can’t stop me, because I’ve been through so much.”


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