Three Things: Carolina Camps

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In the June THM, Amy Hoots' feature explores the benefits of Carolina's athletic camps. Here are three more things she learned:

  1. Coach Hatchell loves her camp.  During our 15-minute interview, I might have said a dozen words.  Hatchell literally brims over with information and enthusiasm about the Sylvia Hatchell Basketball Camp and she’ll answer questions before they’re even asked.  “I’m different than a lot of coaches,” Hatchell said.  She takes a lot of pride in her camp and is very hands-on.  While she came short of inviting me to her house to continue our discussion over dinner, I was left with the feeling she genuinely loves camp and would have talked to me all day about it if I had let her.
  2. Not every coach loves camp quite as much as Hatchell, but the benefits camp provide greatly outweigh the negatives.  High on the list of advantages is recruiting.  Camp provides a prime (and legal) opportunity for coaches to control workouts and evaluate talent.  It also gives coaches an opportunity to get to know recruits better, and gives those recruits an opportunity to evaluate the program and the school.  It’s like a “free” recruiting visit that doesn’t need to be monitored and recorded for the NCAA.
  3. Camps have become highly specialized.  More options than ever are offered to potential campers.  The volleyball camper can choose from beach training camp, setter camp, or hitter and libero camp, just to name a few.  Many teams offer specialized camps not only for different positions, but for different skills levels.  The Carolina Girl’s Lacrosse Camps seeks to touch on all skill levels by offering Elite Camp, Rising Stars Camp, and Young Guns Day Camp.  Team camps are also hugely popular and are offered by most coaches.


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