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Monday, we caught up with Hubert Davis as he prepared to begin his duties as Carolina's newest assistant basketball coach. Today, with his first full-time day in the office, here's three more things we didn't have room for in the original column.

1. His decision to join the coaching staff was about wanting to get into coaching, certainly. And it was especially about a desire to get into coaching with the Carolina basketball program. It's unlikely he would've taken the job with any other program. But Davis's transition from ESPN to the Tar Heel bench was also a significant lifestyle choice. "With ESPN, I had six months off in the summer," Davis said. "But during the season, I was gone an average of four or five nights a week. Every assignment for ESPN was an away game. I'll be working 12 months a year in this job, and there will be recruiting responsibilities that I didn't have before, but when practice is over, I'll be able to go home. I get to take the kids to school every day and have lunch with my wife. This job definitely changes my summers, but collectively, it gives me a lot more time at home."

2. Davis has never recruited before, and he won't be able to officially contact prospects until he passes the NCAA's compliance test. But he's not concerned about being able to extol the virtues of Chapel Hill and Carolina basketball. "We moved back to Chapel Hill seven years ago not to go to basketball games, but because we love this community and this University," he said. "It's not only where I grew up as a basketball player, but it's where I grew up as a person. I think it's a great place to grow up and a great place to play."

3. As evidenced by the avalanche of positive feedback not just for Davis joining the staff, but for Davis personally, he's going to be tremendous in relating to both players and parents. Very few college assistant coaches are notable enough just to cause a stir by calling someone; Davis will have that advantage. Even if a teenager doesn't know about Davis's 12-year NBA career or Carolina shooting prowess, they'll recognize him from ESPN. He'll never have to explain who he is. That's a nice entry for Davis, who has one of those rare personalities that comes across as warm but not false. You walk away from any conversation with him feeling like he really, really likes you--and he probably does. Roy Williams is fond of saying he only wants to recruit players who he wants to be around virtually every day for four years; he's accomplished the same thing with his latest assistant coach hire.


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