Carolina 78, Villanova 71 #RapidReaction

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  1. We asked for your #rapidreaction following Friday's win over Villanova. Here are some of the best:

  2. Some of you may have required some basic medical attention after Carolina gave up a 20-point first-half lead.
  3. @TarHeelMonthly still recovering, trying to remember how to breathe again #rapidreaction
  4. Others were just glad the Tar Heels got that one behind them.
  5. @TarHeelMonthly #rapidreaction Kinda reminds me of the Duke game in the Smith Center in '98. Had to "win it twice."
  6. Still others pointed to a specific area of the game in which the Tar Heels struggled.
  7. @TarHeelMonthly Worse on rebounds in UNC history. No fastbreak points, No pressure D, No points in paint. We have work to do to advance.
  8. And some of you were looking ahead to Sunday.
  9. @TarHeelMonthly Whew. That's the toughest first round matchup in a long time. Now to take on KU!
  10. And there were some positives from Friday . . .
  11. @TarHeelMonthly I thought that with the exception of a few mistakes, little Marcus showed a lot of maturity.


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