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There are plenty of opinions about the ACC’s move to add Notre Dame as a partial member for football and a full member for all other sports. Nationally, regionally and even locally, perceptions have been largely formed positively and negatively about the league in general, and even commissioner John Swofford. The Notre Dame move likely won’t change many already-entrenched opinions, but here are some of the different takes on it.’s Andy Staples: John Swofford developing a reputation as a ninja, moving stealthily and silently in the night and making big-time conference expansion moves. A lot of conferences are “scooped” before their expansion moves are made: in Swofford and the ACC’s case, that hasn’t happened. There was little to no rambling about the Pittsburgh and Syracuse additions before that news came out, and other than Dick Vitale tweeting about it, there was not much said about the Notre Dame addition before it happened, either. There are varying opinions as to whether or not this move signals the end of football independence for Notre Dame. ESPN’s Ivan Maisel says yes, while his colleague (and sports business analyst) Darren Rovell says no. Jim Young looks at everything we know about the addition of Notre Dame now, including everything from financial implications to Tweets from writers around the league. The ACC’s exit fee has risen to $50 million, which should prevent any other teams from leaving the league, and it applies immediately to Notre Dame as well. The Irish would have to pay upwards of $20 million to leave the Big East early, should they desire to do so. The league will also be able to renegotiate its TV contract, and could see as much as a $2 million bump per school. A side benefit of the addition? North Carolina and NC State will likely resume a home-and-home rivalry every year in ACC basketball.


The South Bend Tribune: Notre Dame’s local paper looked at expansion through an interesting pair of eyes: Alex Dragicevich, who transferred from Notre Dame to play basketball at Boston College. He also asked some current Notre Dame players what they think of the move, and they seemed to like it.


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