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With last night's draft lottery completed, a new round of mock drafts was released last night and this morning. There is very little consensus, except on one point: four Tar Heels are very likely to go in the top 20.

We've compiled some of the best mock drafts from around the internet. They're listed below, along with a summary of the draft position for Carolina alums. Where do you want to see your favorite player land (or not land)? Let us know in the comments.

SB Nation: Barnes 5th to Sacramento, Henson 6th to Portland, Marshall 11th to Portland (more sweet Marshall-to-Henson dunks!), Zeller 12th to Milwaukee. Two for the price of one on this link. Jeff Goodman has Barnes 4th to Cleveland, Zeller 9th to Detroit, Henson 14th to Houston, Marshall 16th to Houston (even more sweet Marshall-to-Henson dunks!). Matt Moore has Barnes 5th to Sacramento, Henson 9th to Detroit, Zeller 15th to Philadelphia, and Marshall 17th to Dallas. Barnes 2nd to Charlotte, Henson 9th to Detroit, Zeller 12th to Milwaukee, Marshall 13th to Phoenix. This same draft is used by

Draft Express: Barnes 7th to Golden State, Henson 9th to Detroit, Marshall 11th to Portland, Zeller 14th to Houston. This same draft is used by Yahoo! Sports. Barnes 7th to Golden State, Marshall 10th to New Orleans, Zeller 12th to Milwaukee, Henson 14th to Houston. (Insider subscription required): Barnes 4th to Cleveland, Henson 9th to Detroit, Zeller 14th to Houston, Marshall 17th to Mavs.

Sporting News: Barnes 4th to Cleveland, Marshall 8th to Toronto, Henson 9th to Detroit, Zeller 11th to Portland. Barnes 5th to Sacramento, Marshall 13th to Phoenix, Henson 15th to Philadelphia, Zeller 16th to Houston.

Harrison Barnes summary: High of 2nd to Charlotte, low of 7th to Golden State, most frequent prediction of 4th (Cleveland)/5th (Sacramento).

John Henson summary: High of 6th to Portland, low of 15th to Philadelphia, most frequent prediction of 9th to Detroit.

Tyler Zeller summary: High of 9th to Detroit, low of 16th to Houston, most frequent prediction of 12th to Milwaukee.

Kendall Marshall summary: High of 8th to Toronto, low of 17th to Dallas, most frequent prediction of 11th (Portland)/17th (Dallas).


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    Robert Veronee
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    Barnes to Cleveland at 4 to be the next LeBron there. Marshall to Phoenix at 13 to learn from Nash for a year or so and then it's his team. Could say the say about Dallas at 17 with Kidd and Dallas is Kendall's favorite team but I don't see him being available that late. Henson to Detroit at 9 should be a good fit. Believe he will have a better career than Anthony Davis. Anywhere Zeller goes he will excel. He is the next Pau Gasol. Would love to see a team with multiple 1st round picks get two of these guys! A Marshall/Henson or Marshall/Zeller duo makes any team better.
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    Barnes the next LeBron? He has an iffy handle, he lacks explosion, he doesn't finish and his offensive game is limited when it's not one-dribble shoot. This is the second "Kentucky draft" in three years. Cats OWN the NBA in the coming years.

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