Compilation: Twitter Reacts To Roy Williams

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There may be no one in the world less likely to see good wishes sent via Twitter than Roy Williams. But that didn't stop numerous people from doing just that this week when the news broke about the Tar Heel head coach's kidney surgery. Some were expected (legions of Carolina fans wishing him well) and some were disgusting (really, if you're a fan of a rival school and take it so seriously that you wish physical harm on someone, you might want to reevaluate the place basketball has in your life).

We've compiled a few of the best to create a sampling from across the college basketball world and beyond.

            Jay Williams (you probably remember him as Jason Williams from Duke): Wishing Roy Williams of UNC a speedy recovery.

            Dick Vitale: Please pray report on tumor removed from Roy Williams kidney is benign!

            Mia Hamm: Sending all our Tar Heel thoughts Coach Williams’ way. Love you, Coach.

            Jay Bilas: Best wishes to UNC coach Roy Williams for a speedy recovery from surgery. Ol’ Roy is one of the best coaches ever.

            Frank Martin (former head coach at Kansas State, now at South Carolina): Hey folks Roy Williams has spent his life helping people. It’s time to help him, put him in your prayers! We are here for you Coach.

            Brad Stevens (Butler head coach): Get well soon, Coach Williams!

            Jay Wright (Villanova head coach): Thoughts and prayers go out to Coach Williams as he recovers!

            Kansas Basketball: Best wishes for a speedy recovery to former Kansas Basketball Coach Roy Williams.

            Jeff Boschee (former Kansas player): Thoughts and prayers for Coach Williams.

            Steve Wojciechowski: Duke basketball family wishing UNC Coach Roy Williams a speedy and complete recovery from his surgery.

            Bob Harris (Duke radio voice): Our thoughts and prayers go out to Coach Roy Williams, his family and the UNC family. Praying for a speedy recovery!

            Jeff Capel: Thoughts and prayers are with coach Roy Williams, his family, and the UNC family. Here’s hoping to a speedy recovery and great health!

            And despite all the luminaries sending good wishes towards Chapel Hill, guess which tweet probably got the most attention, based on followers? The one from Kenny Hamilton, with over a million people following his every tweet. No idea who that is? I didn’t know, either. He’s the bodyguard for…Justin Bieber.

            Kenny Hamilton: I have to wish my coach Roy Williams a speedy recovery from his surgery! Get well coach! I need you on that bench this season! #Heels

            This, by the way, brings up the time that Coach Williams and Bieber met in a restaurant (yes, really) a couple summers ago. Bieber actually approached Williams’s table to tell him he was a big fan. Hey, Justin, ever thought of singing the national anthem before a game at the Smith Center?


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