Compilation: Updated NBA Draft projections

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We're a week post-lottery, which means teams are gathering more information--and putting out more smokescreens--on the players that interest them. All four Tar Heel projected first-round picks are in Chicago this week for the NBA pre-draft camp. Two players have made news there, as Harrison Barnes chose not to work out, but Kendall Marshall did go through drills, and in doing so revealed a little more about the broken elbow that accompanied his broken wrist, and assuring Creighton a place right beside John Tudor of LSU '84 in Carolina infamy.

Before we go further, here's a look at the mock drafts that have been updated since our last compilation: This one wasn't posted the last time we did our roundup. It has Barnes 5th to Kings, Tyler Zeller 9th to Pistons, John Henson 16th to Rockets and Marshall 17th to Mavs. Updated June 6, it has Barnes 4th to Cavs, Marshall 8th to Raptors, Henson 11th to Blazers and Zeller 12th to Bucks. Only one of the two projections has been updated, as Jeff Goodman adjusted his picks on June 6. He has Barnes 4th to Cavs, Zeller 9th to Pistons, Henson 14th to Rockets and Marshall 16th to Rockets. (David Aldridge): The plugged-in Aldridge doesn't do an official mock draft, he just mentions a few names for each spot. Like several others, he thinks Barnes "would make a lot of sense" to Cleveland at 4, and Henson "would be a solid pick" to Detroit at 9. He mentions Zeller as high as 6 to Portland as a "no-drama big man" but could also see Z in New Orleans at 10 as "a great pickup." As for Marshall, the Kings, Blazers and Hornets are all mentioned. In other words, no matter where the quartet go, Aldridge has himself covered. (Insider subscription required): Barnes 4th to Cavs, Henson 9th to Pistons, Zeller 14th to Rockets and Marshall 17th to Mavs.

And now a few tidbits on each of the four Tar Heels who will hear their name called on the night of June 28...

Harrison Barnes: There's a growing consensus that Cleveland will be the destination for Barnes, where he would pair with Duke's Kyrie Irving. Those two just happen to have the same agent, who thinks they would be a good match for a variety of reasons.

John Henson: Chad Ford mentions above that Sacramento could be interested in Henson with the 5th pick, and the Tar Heel big man will indeed work out for Sacramento. At least one person thinks Henson to Sacramento could be exactly the right move.

Tyler Zeller: Detroit could be a possibility (and that story also mentions that Henson will work out for Detroit), as could Philadelphia (again, Henson is mentioned). New Orleans has also looked into Zeller as a possible twin towers pairing with Anthony Davis.

Kendall Marshall: Most of the news on Marshall this week has involved his health, which he currently estimates at "80 percent." He did not participate in contact drills on Thursday. However, he does have several workouts planned with teams late in the lottery and plans to participate in all of those.


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