Cutting Room Floor: Basketball Coaching Shuffle

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In our June 2012 issue (in mailboxes early next week), Amy Hoots writes about the Tar Heel basketball coaching shuffle that includes Wes Miller snagging the head coaching job at UNCG, Jerod Haase becoming the head coach at UAB, and several other Tar Heel coaches who changed places this spring. What follows is content not included in the magazine piece that still provides a nice look at how UNCG is marketing Miller.

If you attended the first round of men’s basketball tournament, you may have seen a familiar face outside the Greensboro Coliseum.  A prominently placed billboard features the face of Wes Miller, former Tar Heel and current UNCG head men’s basketball coach.   What is notable about this UNCG billboard is not that Wes Miller is on it, he’s the head coach after all, but that the focus on the billboard is so clearly on Miller. Miller’s name takes up about half of the billboard, overwhelming the school’s name and website.

As part of their marketing efforts, UNCG has rallied behind their coach and has used Miller’s name and image in their marketing campaign.  UNCG Athletics even has an official website backing their coach,  Purchase season tickets and you’ll receive a Wes Miller bobblehead. 

After the bobblehead is released, Miller will have the chance to see himself in both oversized and undersized form.  While Miller is comfortable on the sideline in his new head coach’s seat, he’s a bit uncomfortable with the all the new attention bestowed upon him.  But he is willing to do whatever it takes to put his team in a position to be successful.  Miller said, “I want to promote the school in any way I can and if it means I’m uncomfortable for a couple months because they think it’s a good idea, I’m on board.  But long term, the face of our program will be our players and that’s what I’m most comfortable with.”


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