First Person: Happy Birthday, Coach Smith

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As you have probably heard by now, thanks to social media, today is Coach Dean Smith’s 82nd birthday. Most Carolina fans have a favorite Coach Smith memory they like to share. Earlier today, we asked our Facebook followers about their favorite Coach Smith memory. Below are a few responses. If you have not left your favorite please visit our Facebook page and share your memory.

William Kesler: Getting to meet him at Carolina Basketball Camp.

Greg Tilley: Standing at baggage claim at RDU, Coach Smith walks up as I'm ending a phone call. He stands there smiles and says hello. He looks at his watch and then kindly ask if he may use my phone? I was at a lose for words as I handed him my phone shaking my head yes. He thanked me several times before we both left the airport. What an awesome , wonderful , kind man! Happy Birthday Coach!

Stephen Zandy: I can't remember what year it was. I lived on 2nd west at Granville Towers. It was a Sun night and I was coming out the main door. I see Coach Smith coming up the walk way with the angriest look I had ever seen on him. The night before we had taken a shellacking at Clemson. He went up to the 3rd floor where the basketball players live. From the silence we heard all week I took it that he held a hell fire and brimstone prayer meeting with the basketball team. 

Robert Ramsey: When he said thank you all for coming after winning the title

Kendra Hancock: Coach Smith holding the door for me at the building with his name on it on more than occasion. He truly is gentleman.

Currie F Parker: The Day he first walked out of the Tunnel and onto the Floor of Dean E. Smith (Dean Dome). Still have the picture!

Suzanne Stanton: He is a gentleman and I liked to watch him interact with his players. He was always in control of himself and them. He made me proud to be a Tar Heel fan in every sense of the word!

Happy Birthday, Coach Smith! Thanks for the memories!


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