First Person: The Highest of Highs

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If you’re a Carolina Football fan, there is a good chance your face closely resembles the jack-o-lantern sitting on your neighbor’s front porch.  Not the frightened one with the crazy eyes, but the happy one with the glowing face and the unbending smile.

It’s hard not to smile this Halloween.  The feelings from the weekend are slow to leave, and I’m thankful for that.  At church on Sunday, a fellow church member stood up in front of the congregation to report on the budget.  He admitted it was difficult for him to address the congregation, and not just because of the sensitive topic of money, but because of his misguided allegiance to the Wolfpack (my words, not his).   

Maybe you walked in to work on Monday morning with an extra pep in your step, eager to provide a friendly hello to your coworker who might not have experienced the great weekend you did.  It’s a game you could talk about forever, and probably will.  Here’s what I remember from the game.  

At halftime, I sent my husband on a mission to get me a warm soft pretzel.   I’d been eyeing the one eaten by the lady in front of me during the first half and the need to have one myself took over.  My husband came back with a great looking pretzel and despite my frustrations with how things played out during the first half, at least I could have this moment with my pretzel.

It was not warm.  It was not soft.  It was stale.

Despite my instincts to the contrary (I had a similarly disappointing pretzel earlier in the year), I allowed myself to get excited about this pretzel.  For some reason, I thought this time it would be different.

Maybe you felt the same way during the 2nd and 3rd quarters.  Maybe you were like me, angry at how excited you let yourself get…again.  Frustrated that it mattered so much (we’re talking about the game now…I got over the pretzel around the middle of the 3rd quarter).   Maybe you were fuming as you imagined the hours, days, weeks, you’d spend thinking about what could have been.

Or maybe you were a believer the entire game, no question in your mind of the game’s inevitable outcome.  To you I would say kudos…and then I’d ask you if you’ve ever seen a Carolina Football game.

Regardless of how you may have felt during the first few quarters of the game, the way you felt during the last Tar Heel possession made you remember.  Made you remember why you let yourself get excited. Made you remember why you cared so much.  Made you remember why you kept coming back.  Made you remember that without the lows, there can be no highs.

And Saturday was the highest of highs.

Enjoy the moment and make it last.  And if a sad looking wolf comes to your door tonight, toss him an extra Butterfinger.  He’s had a tough week.


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