Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

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As the holidays are quickly approaching and you struggle with those final gifts for a loved one check out our series of Gift Guides for the Tar Heel Fans in your life. Make sure to check out the gift guides for those special Tar Heel men and ladies this holiday season. Happy Holidays! 

Louisville Slugger Carolina Bat $100

Not only a great personalized gift but a portion of the purchase price ($20) goes back to UNC Athletics. As a special for Tar Heel Monthly followers Louisville Slugger is offering our fans FREE SHIPPING by using promo code FS2012 when ordering.

Smathers and Branson Belt $99.50

For the future Tar Heel, a needlepoint Smathers and Branson belt to sport their team spirit. These handmade belts are finished with full grain, chestnut leather in size small, medium, and large. Also available in navy with Carolina blue interlocking NC. Available from South Fine Gifts and Furnishings. 

Replica Jersey  $60,  Replica Shorts $50

These replica items are perfect to wear on game day or playing out in the driveway - transforming the wearer into a Tar Heel basketball player. The jersey feature the famous Tar Heel argyle, the front is printed with North Carolina and the number, the back has the aerographic design featuring the Old Well, a basketball, and the outline of the state along with the number. Available from Chapel Hill Sportswear. 

Autographable Full Size Basketball $35

The basketball is half white and smooth for autographs to be seen and signed easily. The other half is brown leather. Available from Chapel Hill Sportswear. 

Indie Girl Hair Ties $7.50

Indie Girl Hair Ties are the perfect little hair accessory that can be worn individually or layered to create your own unique look!  They're a fashionable alternative to traditional ponytail holders and can be worn as a bracelet. Starting at $7.50 from Scout and Molly's of Chapel Hill. 

Spikeball $49.50

An extremely fun, active game. Spikeball is volleyball and foursquare combined and better. Spikeball is played 2 on 2 with rules similar to volleyball. Grab three friends and you are ready for a match. Grab a bunch of friends and you have a Spikeball tournament. You can basically anywhere: in the backyard, at the beach, in the snow, at the park, etc. A must for any kid 7 years or older. Available from 


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