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Carolina’s announcement Wednesday evening that Hubert Davis is joining the Tar Heel coaching staff was well received (and if you haven’t already, read the official release for some good details on the connection between Roy Williams and Davis). A collection of reaction from around the Twitter world:

From UNC

Harrison Barnes

No one more deserving than Hubert Davis to be Carolina's new assistant coach!!! Wish him all the best.

Matt Doherty

Happy for Hubert Davis and UNC basketball as Hubert is a GREAT ambassador for Tar Heel Nation. Great get by Roy Williams.

Rick Fox

I love this! Congrats HD!

Brice Johnson

I’m looking forward to Hubert Davis being one of my coaches next year!

Kendall Marshall

So happy for the Carolina Family to add "Coach" Hubert Davis to the coaching staff. Great addition!

Marcus Paige

So excited to hear Hubert Davis is our new assistant coach, gonna be great to have him to learn from. Just got real pumped for June!

Steve Robinson

Hubert Davis is a great person. We hit a home run with his hire. Welcome to the staff!

Dexter Strickland

In case you didn't know, Hubert Davis is our new assistant coach!! Should be a fun season! Congratulations coach!!


Jay Bilas

Thrilled for Hubert Davis to UNC as assistant coach. Hubert is a great friend, and simply the best. I'll miss him. He'll be a great coach.

Colin Cowherd

Hubert Davis--great dude--leaving ESPN for UNC. A reason to root for the Tar Heels. Easy man to root for.

Doug Gottlieb

Hubert Davis is one of the classiest men I know-congrats to #UNC- Hubert is what all star athletes should strive to be.

 Andy Katz

I want to add that Roy Willliams' staff has been enhanced tremendously with the addition of Hubert Davis. I'm not sure there is a nicer guy.

Jason McCallum (Gameday producer)

Hubert Davis (43.5%) has highest 3-pt FG pct in UNC history. But 44.09% during NBA career is 3rd-highest ALL-TIME! #UNC guards will benefit.

Jason McCallum

Congrats to Hubert Davis on being named UNC assistant coach. The nicest person I've ever worked with, and he'll make an unbelievable coach.

Dick Vitale

What a fab addition 4 UNC & big loss 4 us @ ESPN - Hubert Davis is a winner in Game of Life. Will make major impact in recruiting. #Class

By the way, Davis does have a Twitter account. But it was set up almost as a joke by ESPN Gameday host Rece Davis, and the very name of the account--@HubertDontTweet--suggests you shouldn’t be looking for the newly hired Coach Davis to fill your timeline anytime soon.


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