ACC Baseball: How They Stack Up Now

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The ACC Baseball Tournament has kind of a strange format (it's changing for 2014) with two divisions of round-robin play followed by a championship game. The Atlantic and Coastal Division champions are the top seed in respective divisions, with the next six teams filling in regardless of division. A lot could change in the next two weeks, but just for fun let's go ahead and see how the tournament would look if the season ended today. Here's our premature evaluation:

Division Champions

#1-seed Carolina (19-3, .864) is on top of the Coastal Division and would have the top seed in the tournament. The Tar Heels had two conference games canceled due to weather: Sunday March 24 vs. Boston College (ironically originally scheduled to be played at BC but moved to Chapel Hill because of conditions there) and Sunday April 28 at N.C. State. If the Tar Heels play the rest of their games without incident, they'll still finish with only 28 conference games, two fewer than most teams. Finishing up: at Georgia Tech; Virginia. To guarantee the Coastal Division title: Go at least 3-3 over the next two conference weekends.

Florida State (16-8, .667) sits atop the Atlantic Division and headlines the other division.  N.C. State (15-8, .652) is a half-game behind Florida State in the Atlantic Division. That's because the third game between the Wolfpack and the Tar Heels was canceled. Had the Pack played and won that game, they'd be tied with the Seminoles. Up next for Florida State: at N.C. State; Clemson. To guarantee Atlantic Division title: Go at least 5-1 OR 4-2 if two wins come in Raleigh.

Safe Tournament qualifiers

#3 Virginia (17-7, .708) Finishing up: Duke; at North Carolina. To win the Coastal Division title, Virginia needs to win out (they will have swept Carolina) AND hope Carolina drops at least one at Georgia Tech.

#4 N.C. State (15-8, .652) Finishing up: Florida State; at Duke.

#5 Clemson (17-10, .630) Finishing up: at Florida State (5/16-18).

Not  quite clinched yet

#6 Georgia Tech (12-12, .500) Finishing up: North Carolina; at Miami.

#7 Virginia Tech (13-14, .481) Finishing up: Wake Forest (5/16-18).

#8 Miami (11-13, .458) Finishing up: at Wake Forest; Georgia Tech.

Tournament Divisions

Division ADivision B
#1 North Carolina #2 Florida State
#8 Miami #7 Virginia Tech
#4 N.C. State #3 Virginia
#5 Clemson #6 Georgia Tech


That's how it would work out right now. The teams in Divisions A and B would play round-robin, with the top two teams by record or tiebreaker advancing to play in the championship. Two interesting things to note: These divisions look very similar to last year's. Florida State and Carolina were the #1 and #2 seeds last year, and Carolina played Miami, N.C. State and Wake Forest, while Florida State played Virginia, Clemson and Georgia Tech. Also, the three teams in the same division with Carolina are the teams that have handed the Tar Heels their only three conference losses. But, things will very likely change, if not the teams in the top eight, then within those tournament divisions.

Missing the cut

#9 Duke (9-15, .375) Finishing up: at Virginia, N.C. State.

#10 Maryland (9-18, .333) Finishing up: Boston College (5/16-18).

#11 Wake Forest (7-17, .292) Finishing up: Miami, at Virginia Tech.

#12 Boston College (3-23, .115) Finishing up: at Maryland (5/16-18).

Duke could sneak in with a miracle run and an epic Miami collapse. It's going to be hard for Maryland, as they'd need to sweep BC have Miami lose out AND have Duke lose four of six. The Wake Forest/Miami series will be key to determining both teams' postseason hopes. Boston College is out of luck.


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