Parking selection tips: May 3

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Wilkes Graham sends us the facts and figures on yesterday's first day of Seat Equity Program parking selections (one lot proved to be much more popular than last year), plus some trends to watch for (two lots are likely to be filled early this morning) as the second day begins today:

The first day of parking selections was very similar to last year’s first day,  taking into account the increased number of selection spots.  Note that last year, seat/parking selections were spaced out every 2.5 minutes which allowed for 192 selections per day.  This year, the selections are 2 minutes apart, which allows for 240 selections per day.  Thus, we’ll see some differences in the number of days it takes to fill up certain lots, but on a selections/lot basis I expect most of the desirable lots to go as quickly as they did last year.  Now, to recap yesterday.

First of all, 572 parking spots were taken yesterday out of 240 selection times, or 2.38/spots per slot.  Last year, the first day averaged 2.27 spots/slot.  Expect this ratio to decline below 2.0 by tomorrow.

The Undergrad lot’s 25 spots were gone by midday, and I estimate that the minimum lifetime donations to get into the Undergrad lot are likely $500k, and the average is likely well over $1 million. 

The Stadium lot is also gone, and took just about the entire day to fill up.  Given the 240 spot selections, and some gross liberties that I must take when estimating point totals vs Rams Club ranking, I estimate minimum lifetime donations on Stadium Dr. of $350k.

The Venable lot has only 6 spots remaining, which means 44 of the 50 spots were selected yesterday vs only 18 of 40 last year.  10 extra spots are available this year, but this lot will clearly be gone early this morning.

The Public Safety lot showed strong demand as well yesterday, and just over half the spots are left.  Ramshead showed well as well, though this larger lot still has over 400 spots remaining.


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