Parking selection tips: May 7

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As we enter the first full week of Rams Club football parking selection, Wilkes Graham sends along his latest stats, plus a look at which lots are likely to fill today.

Day 3  was a bit more active than I anticipated, as 364 spots were taken, or 1.52 per time slot, a fairly steady level from Thursday’s 380 spots.  As expected, the Public Safety, Bynum, and Morrison lots were sold out.  Lifetime minimum donation levels for these three lots are estimated at $175,000-$200,000.

For today (Day 4 of the process), Rams Club members with 1,100-1,500 points should be selecting, which likely translates to lifetime giving levels of $100,000-$150,000 (perhaps less, given annual point allocations and bonuses).  Spots/slot should drop to 1.3-1.4 over the next two days, which translates to 30-50 less spots taken per day. 

The Ramshead lot should fill up today, as 150 spots are remaining compared to the 144 spots taken on Friday (40% of total Friday demand).  Subsequently, look for the other 200 or so spots to be split between the Bell Tower lot (which saw demand nearly double on Friday from Thursday), Ehringhaus, and Nash, with incrementally increasing demand in Navy, Boshamer, and Morehead.  Last year, Ramshead and Ehringhaus filled up around the 1,000 point level (tomorrow, Day 5), while Bell Tower and Boshamer lasted until about the 825-point level (Wednesday, Day 6, selections this year).


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