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The 2012 installment of the Seat Equity Program begins today for Rams Club donors, with appointments scheduled throughout the rest of May. Members also picked seats and parking last summer, but this time, they will pick for a three-year period, with the next selection not scheduled until the summer of 2015.

With that in mind, we asked Rams Club member Wilkes Graham, who has collaborated with us before on the highly popular Tyler Tracker in Tar Heels Today, to examine last year's parking selection data and give readers an idea of which lots are likely to be selected first. The results are very similar to what you would imagine, but he also estimated the lifetime giving totals necessary to move into a certain lot. Some tidbits to keep in mind as the selection process begins this morning:

  • More spots are selected early in the process. According to Wilkes' numbers, each selection slot picked an average of 2.26 parking spots on the first day in 2011, indicating member accounts with more season tickets (and therefore more parking passes). That was easily the highest total of any day during 2011 selection. By the last day of the process, each selection slot picked an average of just 0.50 parking spots. Expect at least 1.5 spots per slot to be selected each day this week.
  • The first parking lot to be filled by members? The relatively tiny Undergrad Library lot, with its prime location to both Tar Heel Town and Stadium Drive. It filled on the first day available, and Wilkes estimated the minimum lifetime donation to make it into that lot at $450,000.
  • Stadium Drive and Venable were the next two lots to fill, with both being fully picked on the second day of selections. Wilkes' lifetime giving estimate for each of those lots was $300,000.
  • Four lots filled in the first three days of selections last year: Undergrad Library, Stadium Drive, Venable and Public Safety. Those are the lots likely to be gone by the end of this week.

We've asked Wilkes to follow the parking selections closely and provide us a regular update on any trends to watch after each day of picks. If you have any specific parking selection questions or suggestions, leave them in the comments and we'll try to answer them.


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    Jed R
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    Great article, I love these kinds of insights.
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    Adam Lucas
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    Thanks Jed. We're happy to hear from Rams Clubbers with questions about specific lots or selection dates if anyone needs a ballpark guess at what might be available for them.

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