Senior Night Memories

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After the win at Maryland last night, we asked our Facebook and Twitter followers about their favorite Senior Night Duke memory. Hopefully, their response bring back a special Carolina moment for you.

Abby Bridges Walker: 2005 in Dean Dome!! Me ears are still ringing!!

Hunter Barrett: 2011- beating Duke to win the ACC regular season championship. Was my "senior" Duke game and couldn't have gone out any better way!

Ann Lee Childers Hughes: Beating Dook to win the ACC regular season championship in 2011. I had the good fortune to be in the Dean was awesome!!!

Shaun Howard: 2005 was EPIC.

John Rancke: Phil Ford 1978

Adam Clark: The late comeback in 2005. 

Mark Meade: 2005, the Marvin Williams put back. My ears are still ringing!

Isaac O’Hare: 2011. Risers. Storming the court. Driving thru the night and hopping on a cruise boat in Miami by 3 the next day.

Adam Garner: 2009 definatly. Hansbrough's last game in the Dean Dome. Beating Duke for the ACC reg. season title then winning the Natty!

Beth Rogers Thorndyke: game. ever.

Jonathan Owens: My senior night, 2003. Doherty fights Collins, I'm in the risers, we win and storm the court. Awesome.

Jeremy Jones: My own Senior Night. Zwikker cleaning up a Calabria miss. Ricky Price missing game winner in 1997. 

Jason Alford: Montross with the blood running down his face. 

Patrick Hafel: Mine was the "missed dunk" Can't imagine what the Smith Center would've sounded like if Cota connects with Carter.

Share your memory with us in the comments below, on Facebook or Twitter as you pass the time until Saturday at 9:00 p.m. 


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