Spring Game Highlights

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At Carolina’s spring football game Saturday, the Blue Team took care of the White team, 34-10. If you missed it, here are the big plays that led to that result.

1st quarter
White 2nd and 10, White 30 - On the second play of the day, White freshman Khris Francis rushes left for 24 yards.

The drive stalls with a big defensive sequence from Blue. Kareem Martin had a sack and a tackle for loss on consecutive plays, and Travis Hughes sacks Trubisky to turn 1st and 10 at the Blue 36 to 4th and 26 at the White 48 and force a punt.

Blue 4th and 2, White 43 - Bryn Renner passes left to Kendrick Singleton left for 14.

That drive ends when Renner is picked off in the end zone by Alex Dixon on 3rd and 4 at the White 5.

Blue 3rd and 2, Blue 10 - Just before the end of the quarter, Romar Morris rushes 22 yards.

Second quarter
Blue 1st and 10, Blue 32 -  On the very next play, Quinshad Davis hits Sean Tapley with a 52-yard pass.

Blue 1st and Goal, White 2 - Three plays later, Morris scores the game’s first touchdown.
Blue 7, White 0

Blue 3rd and 15, White 33 - A.J. Blue takes a Renner screen pass for a 33-yard touchdown.

Blue 14, White 0

White 3rd and 6, White 34 - Another Martin sack backs White up seven yards.

White 4th and 13, White 27 - Trubisky hits Terrance Knox for a 31-yard gain.

A 24-yard Nick Weiler field goal gets White on the board.

Blue 14, White 3

Blue 1st and 10, White 48 - Renner hits Sean Tapley over the middle for a 48-yard touchdown pass.
Blue 21, White 3

White 2nd and 18, White 28 - Kanler Coker connects with Damien Washington for a 15 yard gain, but a Brandon Ellerbe sack on the next play makes it 4th and 13 and ends the first half.

Second half

Blue 3rd and 10, White 30 - Renner and Morris hook up for a 20-yard gain, then Renner hits Singleton from the 10 for a touchdown. Philip Spelman misses the extra point.
Blue 27, White 3

Blue 1st and 10, White 31 - After switching jerseys, Trubisky hits Nic Platt for a 47-yard gain. Two plays later, he connects with Washington for an 8-yard touchdown.
Blue 34, White 3

White 2nd and 5, Blue 25 - Quarterback Caleb Pressley and Mack Hollins connect for a 25-yard touchdown.
Blue 34, White 10

White 4th and 9, White 32 - Drew Davis hits Cam Campbell for a 37-yard gain.


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