Tailgate of the Week: ECU

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Our Roving Tailgater, Jenn DiMeo, is out and about before home games looking for Chapel Hill's best tailgate. This weekend, she found a group of tailgaters who relocated their tailgate to Stadium Drive for this season. If your group would like to be part of our next "research," send Jenn an emailAfter the Georgia Tech game, you'll be able to vote on which of our weekly winners is your favorite. And the winner of that vote gets a fully catered tailgate at the Nov. 24 Maryland game courtesy of McCall's Barbecue and Seafood

About the Tailgate Party:

Jason Sinquefield (‘07) is the ringleader. His fiancee’, Adrienne Koehler helps him organize who is bringing what. The tailgate is a core group consisting of Rhonda (‘16) and Duane Sinquefield; Steve ('83) and Deb (‘82) Bedford; Britt Taylor ('07); Jennifer Brigman; Jay Bedford ('08); and additional family and friends. Together, all of Jason’s family and friends who tailgated represent Greenville, Raleigh, and Swan Quarter, NC, in addition to Panama City, Jacksonville, and Tampa, FL.

Setting up a Prime Location:

The tailgate is off Stadium Drive on Kenan Stadium side of the road under the tall pine trees. Jason loves the proximity to everything surrounding them, including Tar Heel Town, Old Well Walk, Kenan Amphitheater, Kenan Stadium, and direct access to campus.  While admitting the Bowles Lot may have a higher concentration of all-day tailgaters, the upside of this Stadium Drive location can’t be beat.

Five Seasons and Running:

Jason started organizing his group’s tailgate in 2008, the year after he graduated. In previous years, Jason’s group tailgated in the Bowles Lot and just moved to the Stadium Drive location this  year.

Tailgate Keys to the Game:

The two biggest must haves at Jason’s tailgate this year are the SUV mounted grill and the 40 inch TV.

This Tailgate’s Specialty:

Each week there is a new theme for the tailgate. The ECU game was a classic tailgate: burgers and dogs. Future themes include a low country boil tailgate and chili tailgate.

More than Just a Game:

There is not one game in particular that Jason is looking forward to this season, but rather hopeful for more  3:30 pm or later kickoffs. The most exciting part of this year’s tailgating is seeing it all come together; all the hard work during the “off-season” to secure the SUV mounted grill and a rechargeable battery source to ensure College Gameday and games are on the TV.

Best Tailgating Memory:

Tailgating in the Bowles Lot prior to the 2008 Notre Dame game was a particularly fond memory for Jason.  He recalled an excitement in the air and the later kickoff time allowed for a bigger build up of game anticipation.

The Tailgate Marathon:

Usually, the setup crew arrives 5 hours prior to kick off. For the ECU game, Jason and his group arrived to Stadium Drive around 10:00 am. Long distance honors go out to UNC grad Buck Simpson ('64). Buck comes up from Florida every year for a UNC football game and tailgate.  This year he left on Wednesday to make it to Chapel Hill in time for Jason’s tailgate.


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