The ACC's True Geographic Center

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With the ACC Tournament in Greensboro two weeks ago, there was much discussion of where the event might be in the future--and where the "true" center of the league should be. That set Tar Heel fan and frequent Diamond Heels radio listener Joe Caddell to work, as he tried to determine where the true geographic center of the Atlantic Coast Conference can be found. His map speaks for itself. 

A word on how he calculated the center: he assigned each school a latitude/longitude value, then found the weighted geographic center of each particular conference iteration. 

His conclusion: as teams have come and gone, the center has shifted, but always within the borders of North Carolina. But the addition of Louisville, Syracuse, Pittsburgh and Notre Dame will take the weighted geographic center out of the Tar Heel state for the first time ever--Joe found the center will be in Virginia, about 12 miles northeast of Mt. Airy.

But don't sign up Madison Square Garden for the ACC Tournament just yet. This year, the center of the ACC is 45 miles southeast of Greensboro. But with the four new additions, the center of the league will be just 53 miles northwest of Greensboro. As Joe aptly put it: "This is a long, incredibly nerdy way of saying: I don't care what Jim Boeheim thinks. The Greensboro Coliseum STILL makes more sense than Madison Square Garden for the ACC Tournament."

Weighted Geographic Center of The ACC


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