The Stallings scouting report

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As a companion to our piece on Carolina's impressive bullpen, we asked Tar Heel catcher Jacob Stallings to provide some insight on some of the most frequently used arms:

On R.C. Orlan

"He has a sneaky fast fastball and a really good slider that we feel confident throwing in any count. He’s gotten so much better since he’s come here. Whenever you can run a lefty out there who throws hard and throws a good breaking ball, you’re in a good position."

On Michael Morin

"He might have the best pitch I’ve ever seen in college with his changeup. He’s such a competitor. You hear pro and college coaches talking about makeup, and he’s got great makeup."

On Tate Parrish

"He's a specialist. He’ll come in against a lefty and might face one batter or he might throw two innings. He has a great left on left slider and throws it to righties too."

On Chris O'Brien

"He's got really good stuff and a really good demeanor. He doesn’t get too up or down. He can throw three or four quality pitches in any count. He’s a guy we have confidence in."

On Chris McCue

"A small guy who can throw really hard. He comes in and also has a good breaking ball and throws that fastball with the breaking ball. He’s got a chance to be really, really good."

On Luis Paula

"He might have the best stuff on the team. He has a great sinking fastball and an unbelievable curveball. He threw 94-95 at Asheville. He has learned what it takes off the field with his work ethic and the weight room, and that’s why his progress has jumped."

On Mason McCullough

"He throws very hard. He can run it up there 98 and he has a slider you can’t hit because you’re sitting on the fastball. If he can throw strikes, he can be unhittable."


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