Three Things: Men's Basketball Banquet

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The men’s basketball team had their annual team banquet at the Carolina Club on Thursday, April 19th.  Here are three things we learned:

1. Walk-on Stewart Cooper stole the stage with his senior speech.  As with any good speech, he thanked those who had an impact during his time at North Carolina.  He thanked trainer Chris Hirth for attending to all his injuries, most of them non-basketball related.  He also thanked him for “not asking too many questions.”  He thanked C.B. McGrath, “fearless leader of Blue Steel” and congratulated Jerod Haase on his new head coaching position at UAB.  He expressed his disappointment that it didn’t happen earlier because “you could have recruited me and built a program around me.” He also thanked Coach Holladay, who told him his freshman year that he’d never make varsity.

2. A usually stoic McGrath showed his soft side on the stage.  He shared with the crowd the typical post-game bus routine that followed road games.  Steve Kirschner would be on his phone, getting updated scores from around the ACC to share with Coach Williams.  Eric Hoots would be checking his phone finding out if Duke lost.  Beginning next season, C.B. McGrath will also be checking his phone to see if his new favorite team, UAB, won their game.  McGrath told Haase, his sidekick of 18 years, that he would be his number one fan.

3. Michael Crowe and New Media put together another exceptional highlight video.  Most Tar Heel fans know North Carolina’s performances on the court are impressive, but the video also encapsulates the energy and antics that go on off the court. The video is not short on smiles, laughter, or dance moves.  Despite a string of unfortunate injuries and an early ending, that really captures what the season was all about.


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