UNC - Duke Memories

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We start gearing up for the big game early in the week; it was hard not to look past Maryland. No Carolina fan can get enough of past match-ups between the schools 8 miles apart. Leading up to game time, fans are reliving their favorite  UNC and Dook Duke moments. Tar Heel Monthly’s twitter and Facebook followers helped us by sharing their favorite Duke memory. 

Paul Vertucci: Watching Dexter Strickland dunking on Miles Plumlee a few years ago at the Dean Dome.

Kerwin Pellas: Dex dunking on Miles Plumlee two years ago

Jamie Payne: PJ Hairston Dunkin on Austin Rivers last year in Cameron.

Jennifer Fahnestock Jordan Engel: Will always be the Bloody Montross Game.

Eddie Moore: Hansbrough going 4-0 against Duke in Cameron.

Lee Lloyd: 8 points in 17 seconds, Bloody Montross, Vince's missed dunk, Marvin's putback. #GoHeels!

Jeannie Yearwood Baucom: Anytime we've beat them

Jerome Cash :8 down with 17 seconds left...nothing better!

Tom Taylor: When the final buzzer goes off and duke is behind. But don't rush the court!!! 

Colin Mosher: Danny Green poster dunk and McAdoo sky-dunk 

Jessica Harris: My freshman year and the Vince Carter missed dunk on the pass from Ed Cota. It was my first UNC/Duke game and #2 UNC clobbered #1 Duke. It was glorious. That is still one of my all time favorite teams (stupid Utah...).

Brad M. Martin: Stackhouse reverse on Parks an Meek!! Then the strut by Jerry ..priceless!!!

Scott Welp: The @DStrick01 exclamation dunk on Plumlee on Senior Day 2011. Two years ago today. 

Jeff Waters: Stackhouse dunk and strut to mid court.

Peter Brooks: beating dook anytime, in any sport. That's what a True Blue Heel would say.

Tarheeled by Fan Feet: Danny Green dunking on Paulus 

Dan Broun: JR Reid dunking on Danny Ferry and yelling at him in 89 ACC Tourney

Brad Hurley: 1992 Carolina wins at Duke with Montross hitting two free throws with blood dripping down his face.

Tom Jackson: Down 8 with 17 secs to go, and we win in OT!

Rachel Whinna: 2005. Marvin's putback and foul. so loud we never heard the whistle. louder when we realized it happened. #freshmanyear

Share your favorite memory with us. 


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