Weekend Watch: August 10-12

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It's Friday! Welcome once again to the best part of the week.

Since Carolina athletics are out of season right now, this page has become sort of 'What Turner's InstaPapered This Week.' I hope that's OK. We'll be back to regularly scheduled programming soon enough.

So here we go.

First things first: there has been some great stuff on our own TarHeelMonthly.com this week. So in case you missed it, check out our report on redshirt freshman tailback Romar Morris, my remembrance of the late Kirk Urso, and an inside look at what it's like to cover Carolina football under Larry Fedora.

I stopped by The David Glenn Show on Wednesday to talk about Urso and Tar Heel football.


So, the closing ceremonies of the London Olympics are Sunday night. Are you Olympics-ed out? Want more? Personally, I think I'm ready for a break. These summer games have brought some great sport (albeit tape-delayed), but it's been kind of stressful to keep up with everything going on. And is it just me, or does it seem like there has been diving every single night? Must be a proven time-filler while NBC is busy manufacturing drama. 

Speaking of television coverage of the Olympics, Joe Posnanski got the only interview with NBC Sports' Dick Ebersol this summer. Maybe we're watching this thing all wrong.

You knew this already, but Tar Heel alumnae Tobin Heath and Heather O'Reilly  helped the US Women's National Team capture Olympic gold in soccer yesterday. Here's the medal ceremony.

Li'l McKayla Maroney has inspired her very own meme, McKayla is Not Impressed. Click through for some good Photoshop work.

Carolina Athletics

This CBSSports.com survey of college basketball coaches says Roy Williams is the most overrated coach in America. Here's my question. How are they defining 'overrated.' In order for something to be 'overrated,' it has to be 'rated.' Since there's no AP poll ranking coaches week to week, how can you say an individual coach is overrated? Is it, "Dick Vitale likes this guy, and I don't"? I don't get it. But anyway, Mike DeCourcy responds on Roy's behalf, calling him the best coach ever at North Carolina.

Running backs coach (and former Tar Heel) Randy Jordan was mic'd up at practice this week.



Around the ACC

Did you know Hud Mellencamp, of the Indiana Cougar Mellencamps, has walked on to the football team at Duke?

Clemson AD Terry Don Phillips will retire next summer.


I don't have a personal Facebook page anymore (just this one, for my comedy hobby). Did you ever think that if you don't have a Facebook page, you may be considered a psychopath.

Opening today, Jeremy Renner takes the mantle in The Bourne Legacy this weekend. I've seen both good and bad reviews for this one.

Also in theaters: The Campaign, starring Will Ferrell and NC native Zach Galifianakis. With both stars with North Carolina ties, this Slate article says our state is helping define comedy in America.

CNN afternoon host (and Carolina alumna) Brooke Baldwin filled in on mornings this week. She snuck into Piers Morgan's office and gave him a nice surprise.

If you watch Louie on FX, you know that Louis C.K. is on top of the comedy world right now. Each episode of his show is like a brilliant short film. While this, the third season has been (in my opinion) a little more uneven than last year, it's still great television. For a taste, here's a deleted scene that teaches a lesson we all should learn: how to apologize. Warning: some mild language here.



That's all from me today. Adam will have the Weekend Wrap on Monday. In the meantime, post your comments below and follow TarHeelMonthly and me on Twitter.


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