Weekend Watch: August 3-5

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Welcome to the weekend. That faint bugle sound you're hearing? That's Reveille, and it means that football camp is underway. It's August, so things are going to pick up around Kenan Football Center (and around here), so make sure you check in to THM.com throughout the preseason.

Former tight end Nelson Hurst was on the scene with UNC New Media as players checked in to training camp yesterday.


Meet the Heels is tomorrow. Gates open at 3.

Here are this weekend's links:

This is troubling: Former Tar Heel DE Kentwan Balmer has not shown up for Redskins training camp.

How are you on the Olympics? All Olympics-ed out? Can't get enough. I'm enjoying the Games, but I'm not enjoying staying up until midnight to watch something that happened hours earlier, with an added dose of manufactured drama. I know I could be watching live online during the day, but it's kind of become a family event in primetime, and I still get to whine about the coverage.

Don't forget: you can keep up with all things Tar Heels in the Olympics at this page on GoHeels.com.

THM July cover girl Shalane Flanagan runs the marathon Sunday at 11 am eastern.

Don't be heartbroken for fourth-place finishers. A British man is making his own medals for those who just missed the podium.

Here's a great story on gold medalist Missy Franklin.

Joe Posnanski had a great seat for the women's all-around final last night.

When I was in middle school, I had a dream of creating my own professional basketball league. The DWBL (Driveway Basketball League), it would be called. Based in Goldsboro, in my driveway. Half-court. Outdoors. Make it-take it? Maybe. All the neighborhood kids would play in the DWBL: T.K., Matthew and Patrick, Layton, Eric, Dustin, Michael, my brother Jason . . . but I would be the star, of course. The star of the DWBL. Why do I tell you this? Because you may know that Jerry Stackhouse founded the NC Greater Pro-Am League that plays at North Carolina Central. This week, he drew up a game-winning shot for himself. I'd have done the same thing in the DWBL.

Did you hear about the umpire who ejected a Minor League intern for playing 'Three Blind Mice' over the stadium PA?

If you're tired of the Olympics, you could certainly check out a show. Cosmic Charlie (Grateful Dead tribute) and Little Feat (!) are at Cat's Cradle this weekend.

Chicago (the musical) is at DPAC, although Christie Brinkley wasn't able to make it to Durham due to illness.

I finally saw The Dark Knight Rises this week, and it was better than I thought it could be. Very, very good. Kind of a quiet movies weekend here, with Wimpy Kid and Total Recall about the only things worth mentioning.

I'm off to football practice. Have a great one!













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