Weekend Wrap August 20

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Wait a second: didn’t summer just start? Hope you enjoyed it, because the first official sign that fall is underway happened this weekend, with the first intercollegiate Carolina athletics event of the 2012-13 year. The sport was women’s soccer, and the Tar Heels took a 1-0 loss at Portland. The result was surprising on its face, but even the Portland coach—whose program picked up its first-ever win over UNC—noted Carolina was missing several key players who are competing on the international level.

The next sign of fall will come when Larry Fedora’s Tar Heels take the field at Kenan Stadium on Sept. 1. Giovani Bernard likes the options in Carolina’s new offense. These anonymous scouting reports of the Tar Heels (and the rest of the ACC) by ACC coaches are interesting. You know one of the most exciting things about the new regime? In this story about football coaches at lower levels who have eschewed punting, it’s mentioned that one of them met with a former Big 12 offensive coordinator who loved the idea. That coordinator is now a head coach. Could that possibly be Larry Fedora? You have to wonder, don’t you? After all, this is the man who tweeted the immortal, “Life is short, go no-huddle.”

I've also enjoyed the way the new staff has embraced the use of video and social media to try and give fans (and, let's be honest, recruits) a glimpse inside the program. The current leader in that category seems to be Vanderbilt. The Commodores have posted video of head coach James Franklin awarding a scholarship to a walk-on, and last week they showed this video of Franklin handing out free ice cream on campus. "Sir? Nutty Buddy?"


If you haven’t already, we encourage you to weigh in on discussion of our top five (or bottom five) list of most painful Tar Heel football games. The oft-mentioned Furman game definitely needs to be on the next list. What else would you add? And don’t worry, there’s a top five best list coming next week.

Roy Williams, by the way, addressed the football team on Saturday night.

In basketball news, the N&O took a break from feigning righteous indignation with Carolina to stumble into a solid profile on former Tar Heel Tom LaGarde.

One of the more underrated Tar Heel-related Twitter follows is Matt Doherty. This weekend, he casually mentioned there was a Chapel Hill reunion of the 1981 and ’82 teams. He even had a photo of James Worthy on the microphone to prove it.

Oh, did you say 1982 Tar Heels? Let's do this.


One ESPN blogger’s roundup of the best college hoops dunks included several UNC-related plays. Not including Vince Carter over Tim Duncan at the Smith Center renders the rest of the judgments suspect, however. What Carolina dunks would you have put on this list? Let us know in the comments.

Hey, this seems like a good excuse to link some of Vince Carter’s best Carolina dunks. True story: I ripped the pocket of my pants jumping out of my seat when he dunked on Duncan (1:39 mark in this video).




Best story I read this weekend: Pete Thamel on the incredible basketball saga of Jonathan Hargett. It’s long, but Instapaper it for a time when you’ll have time to consider what other schools might be paying if West Virginia was allegedly offering $20,000 (or $60,000, depending on who is talking) to a player. 

Honorable mention, non-sports division: The New York Times on the psychology of waiting in line, and why we hate it so much (and how businesses try to soothe us).

Monday morning pick-me-up: Tyler Hansbrough surprising a patient at the North Carolina Children's Hospital: 

Three Tar Heel topics to watch this week:  

1. Classes begin in Chapel Hill on Tuesday, meaning football starts to cruise towards game week. The actual games can’t get here fast enough, because…

2. The continuing off-the-field saga at Carolina moves into the “independent investigation” phase, with former governor Jim Martin heading the probe

3. Men’s soccer begins the 2012 season as the reigning national champions with Saturday’s home opener against Gardner-Webb.


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    Some great dunks that come to mind (in no particular order):

    Stackhouse over Parks and Meek (or was it Park and Meeks - whatever) in Cameron in '95

    Stackhouse vs Va Tech in Greensboro

    Two Worthy one-handers in the '82 Championship game

    Worhty vs Houston in the '82 semis

    Hansbrough had a bunch, but I can't count the one over the UNCA kid because he traveled

    Jordan in Cameron when he bumped the back of his head on the backboard

    Dudley Bradley to win the game in Reynolds vs NC State

    Lynch's steal and subsequent dunk in '93 vs FSU to cap an amazing comeback

    Carter's dunk vs Clemson in the '96 ACC tournament in Greensboro (whoops - that game never happened - nevermind)

    Danny Green's facial over Paulus in Cameron

    David Noel's baseline dunk at Kentucky

    Rasheed's alley-oop (from McInnis?) in Cameron in '95

    Bradley over Gminski

    Henson's one-hander vs Virginia

    Marvin Williams vs Florida St in '05

    (obscure but no less awesome) Felton in traffic vs Iowa in Maui

    Perkins over Sampson

    Melendez in practice
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    Adam Lucas
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    I feel sure Melendez had a great one in a Blue-White game at some point.

    Your list hit a ton of great ones. Hansbrough always said the one against Iona was his favorite. Although I was lucky to spend some time with him after the UNCA game and got to ask him if he'd intended to dunk on Kenny George. His response made it very clear he'd given it quite a bit of thought.
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    A couple that I can't believe I left out:

    Jordan's steal and dunk vs UVa

    Jordan's rock-the-baby dunk vs Maryland in College Park

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