What If: 2005-06 vs. 1979-80

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The second-seeded 2005-06 team brings back the core of a national championship team and adds a freshman class that would hang their own banner in time. The 15th-seeded 1979-80 What If Tar Heels have Al Wood, Mike O'Koren and a healthy freshman James Worthy. It's a clash with upset potential.

2005-06 What If Tar Heels

Coach: Roy Williams

Strengths: Physical front line, winners (05/09 championship teams), deep bench (Marvin, Terry, Frasor, Green)

Weaknesses: How to distribute the minutes

Will win the tournament if: Hansbrough and May can co-exist as THE dominant big man, Frasor and Thomas give Felton rest.

Will lose if: Felton gets in foul trouble, McCants starts forcing shots due to too much focus on inside game

Captains:  Felton/May

This team in one word: Strong

1979-80 What If Tar Heels

Coach: Dean Smith

Strengths: Frontline rotation (Wood, O'Koren, Wolf and Worthy)

Weaknesses: Depth

Will win the tournament if: Freshman Worthy becomes junior Worthy and Wood repeats 39-point effort from 1981 semifinal

Will lose if: Opponent pounds ball inside against smaller O'Koren and less-talented Wolf

Captains: O'Koren/Wolf

This team in one word (or two words): Sixth man


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