What If: 2007-08 vs. 1995-96

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Our second second-round matchup is the always-attractive 4/5 pairing, with Stackhouse and Wallace joined by freshmen Carter and Jamison to take on Hansbrough, Lawson, Wright and Marvin Williams.

2007-08 What If Tar Heels

Coach: Roy Williams

Strengths: Versatile and athletic, deep bench (Frasor, Deon, B. Wright)

Weaknesses: Roles? Is Marvin a true PF? Will Wright be OK coming off the bench?

Will win the tournament if: Marvin can coexist with Hansbrough; Wright accepts sixth-man role

Captain: Marvin

This team in one word: Fast

1995-96 What If Tar Heels

Coach: Dean Smith

Strength: Athleticism

Weaknesses: PG/front line depth

Will win the tournament if: runs team out of gym; McInnis stays out of foul trouble

Will lose if: either McInnis or Jamison gets in foul trouble

Captain(s): Stackhouse/Wallace

This team in one word: Fun.



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    Carter sat the pine as a FROSH,.....Shammond (or more likely a Sr. Dante Calabria would start at the two spot)

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