What If: 2007-08 vs. 2010-11

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Today's What If Tournament matchup has the fourth-seeded 2007-08 Tar Heels hitting the floor against no. 13 2010-11. A senior Marvin Williams plays alongside outstanding sophomore and junior classes, while Ed Davis returns for his junior season to join what was already an Elite Eight squad.

Vote on today's game and catch up on the action so far. Tomorrow, we'll recap the first five games and give you an updated bracket.

2007-08 What If Tar Heels

Coach: Roy Williams

Strengths: Versatile and athletic, deep bench (Frasor, Deon, B. Wright)

Weaknesses: Roles? Is Marvin a true PF? Will Wright be OK coming off the bench?

Will win the tournament if: Marvin can coexist with Hansbrough; Wright accepts sixth-man role

Captain: Marvin

This team in one word: Fast

2010-11 What If Tar Heels

Coach: Roy Williams

Strength: Defense (Davis, Zeller, Henson)

Weaknesses: Inexperience (two freshman starters), chemistry (Drew II)

Will win the tournament if: Drew II accepts backup role, defensive-minded players shine

Will lose in first round if: Inexperienced backcourt coupled with Drew not being satisfied with role

Captain: Zeller

This team in one word: Young



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