What If Week One Recap

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Four blowouts and one game still ongoing. Those are the results of the first week of our What If Tar Heel Tournament.

Nearly 300 of you voted on our 16/17 play-in game, and you were four to one in favor of the 1989-90 What If Tar Heels over 2001-02.

The 5/12 matchup saw similar results, as the 1995-96 What If Tar Heels won by a three to one margin over the 2009-10 team.

The 6/11 matchup from Wednesday remains deadlocked at 50/50. It's in quadruple-overtime, so we're going to keep the voting page open through the weekend.

Third-seeded 1983-84 had absolutely no trouble with 1972-73. They advance by earning 92% of the vote.

The 2007-08 What If Tar Heels dispatched 2010-11 by winning 96% of the vote.

Here's an updated bracket:



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