What If Week Two Recap

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Round one of the What If Tar Heel Tournament is in the books, and the eight teams standing set up some terrific contests over the next two weeks.

6. 2006-07 vs. 11. 1998-99

This one was an all-time classic, with these two teams separated by the thinnest of margins. The 2006-07 team led by two with time winding down in triple overtime. With Tyler Hansbrough and Marvin Williams collapsing on him, Antawn Jamison kicked out to Shammond Williams. Williams rose up for a jumper with four seconds to play, but Danny Green deflected the ball. A scramble ensued, but the ball found the hands of Ed Cota, who delivered - what else? - a 'Cota floata' as time expired for the win.

8. 1982-83 vs. 9. 1984-85

Monday's game pitted many of the same players against their younger (or older) selves. The defending national champions got the nod here, winning 72% of the vote.

7. 2011-12 vs. 10. 1976-77

The most recent Tar Heel team took 85% of the vote in this matchup, eliminating Ford, Davis and O'Koren.

2. 2005-06 vs. 15. 1979-80

Another blowout, with the defending national champions plus Hansbrough's class taking 97% of the vote.

1. 1996-97 vs. 16. 1989-90

They're the number one seed for a reason: Stack, Sheed, Vince and Antawn took 100% of the vote. Sorry, Hubert.

So with the first round complete, here's an updated bracket:

Some good teams were knocked out this week, and the action continues Monday. Here's a question, though: Does the recency effect play into the outcomes here? Do we always think that the last thing we've seen is the best thing we've seen? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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