Cheering on the Heels

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The Dean Dome will be filled with 21, 750 crazed fans Saturday evening, leaving lots of Tar Heels unable to attend. With all the hype around the game, I was interested to find out where people will be cheering their hearts out, hugging strangers and yelling loudly while watch the Heels. Thanks to everyone who shared their plans.

Jennifer Farrell: Franklin Street! So excited to go to Chapel Hill tomorrow and (hopefully) celebrate a Carolina Victory on Franklin!! Go Heels!

Matt Stirling: Right in my living room with plenty of spirits in more ways than one! 

Adam Clark: In my living room with a bottle of 151 just in case.

Earlene Roberts: Durham..........STILL LOVE MY TAR HEELS 

Rod Johnson: I will be fighting Chemo side effects and watching my Tar Heels from my home in Chattanooga. Go Heels!

Gloria Sandoval: With the Texas Tar Heels in Dallas! Just blocks away from the Dook alumni watch party. GO HEELS!

Jay Cogger: Key West. Go Heelz!!!! 

Alex Dicenso: up in Massachusetts #GoHeels #BeatDuke #TurnitBlue

Mark Townsend: Orange County ... the other one ... the one in California.

Mike Cavasinni: With @uncgaa in ATL. #UNC

Patrick Hafel: Clovis, New Mexico 

Stephanie Griffin: Came home to Eastern NC for the weekend to watch it with my favorite Tar Heel, my Dad 

Kim Briggs: Haha, Mark, I was just about to say Huntington Beach! West Coast support!

John Aderholdt: At a friends house in Greensboro. Don't like watching in public, too many distractions and "other" fans.

Jimmy Chesney: Ft Myers Beach, FL! 

Mutt Askew: I'm a Tarheel Ahoskie North Carolina

Kyle Britt: Watching with my dad who passed the light-blue blood to me! We both got married in a UNC National Champ year! '82 and '09!!

Paul Gatling: Bentonville AR!

Glenda D Shifflett: Dyke Va. 

Zeke Smith: Manchester, England... At 2am in the morning. #worthit #goheelsgoamerica 

Derek Ball: Seoul South at 11 am local time!!!! 

Adam Carrera: Managua, Nicaragua. Hopefully the game will be broadcast internationally. #GoHeels

John DAgostino: in my basement with my four-TV set-up

Schaich Petey: i'll be watching the game on my iPhone on the watchESPN app at a wedding in charleston, sc! #UNCBBall #beatduke 

Where will you be watching the game: comment below, on Facebook or Twitter?


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    Eastern Poland at 3 AM. GO HEELS!
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    Latasha Lessington
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    I will be watching in nyc! Go Tarheels ... Beat Dook!!! #DeansGyrl
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    Hayden Jones
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    From Sheppard AFB, TX! GO HEELS! BEAT DOOK!!
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    Maxwell Gregson
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    Copenhagen, Denmark!!! Can't wait until 3am!
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    david parker
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    i've watched in anchorage, alaska and moscow, russia, but this time i'll be in northern california. Go to hell, Dook!
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    Berlin, Germany. Go Heels!
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    Cincinnati, Ohio GO HEELS!
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    Apex NC...10 minutes from Raleigh. Go HEELS

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